Thursday, July 7, 2016


Pioche is a beautiful town with nice, welcoming people.  One of those places where if someone sees you walking they offer you a ride and are actually a nice person being nice and not a creepo.

But we are stressed and upset over the car situation.  We still don't have it back, and have heard nothing.  I'm still holding out a slim hope that this will work out without drastic action.  My deadline for when I've reached 'enough is enough' status is marked on the calendar.

Pioche is small enough that everything downtown is walkable, and that's basically just two restaurants, some boutiques, some casino/hotel/bars, and a convenience store/gas station.  The last one is where we've been getting the odd supply. 

The walk to said convenience store is a short half mile, but it feels like we're climbing up a 90 degree angle.  My mom made the steep walk twice already.  Once to visit the casino and once to do our huge backlog of laundry with my help.  The laundromat in town is an RV park laundry room that's open to the public.  These walks really knocked the wind out of her.  We don't have her good walker (the one she can sit down on) because it's in the back of the blankety blank SUV.  She has to take frequent breaks standing up, red faced and gasping.  She's just not able to make any more walking trips.

We both need to lose weight.  We were well on the way on a good diet before this horrible situation.  And I know I can't make excuses for stuffing my face.  That's all on me, especially when I'm the cook, and my mom would diet if I made her.  It's just that when you're dealing with such a shit-storm you say 'screw it.'  I'm sure I've gained 15 pounds over this ordeal. 

If you pray, please send a prayer for our situation.  I'm a self-employed full-time RVer in reasonably good health, living the dream most people never get a chance to.  I shouldn't be feeling as miserable as I am right now.  These people have really screwed up our lives.