Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Don't use Satellite Advantage in Quartzsite

I hate when I have a bad experience with RV service providers.  I don't like spreading negativity on my blog, but this is too egregious not to mention.

I wanted my tailgater dish mounted on the RV ladder so I didn't have to mess with it every time we moved.  I called these people in Quartzsite to do it for me.  Here's why I had a terrible experience:
  1. Their quote was $340.  The guy in Yuma quoted me $225 for the same service, but couldn't get the mounting kit in time to do the work before we left Yuma.  This was a really expensive quote for a one hour job.  I was willing to pay it just to get it over with.  I expected good service for such an inflated quote.
  2. The service guy Steve was supposed to arrive between 9am and 10am.  He called at 10:17 to confirm I had a service scheduled.  (Um, yeah, you missed the appointment.)  Then he asked me what I was doing and what I had been quoted.  He then asked if I was bringing the rig in or if he was coming to me.  Nothing had been told to him by his boss, Paul.  If they were giving me a good price I wouldn't have cared, but again, they were over charging to begin with.  I was annoyed.
  3. After our phone discussion he said he'd be here in 15 minutes.  He arrived 45 minutes later.  I'm really, really annoyed now.  
  4. He says he's going to drill a hole through the roof of the RV for the wire.  I tell him I want him to run it through the window and tack the wire.  I'm wrong about this and he's right, but the way he explains this to me is that his way is just how it's done and if I don't let him do it that way, "I'll leave right now."  I give up and let him do it his way, because he was right.  But the way he spoke to me, after already fucking up that morning, really annoyed me.  He wouldn't let me talk.  It was his way or him driving away and me still having this annoying problem.  My mother and I now have a pact:  the second anyone says 'I'll leave right now' LET THEM.
  5. We go to the ladder together and I tell him I want the satellite on the top rung, with the top half of the satellite peeking over the edge of the RV so it's not blocked.  He's fine with that.  I also mention for him not to block my back-up camera.  He assures me he won't.  I leave him to it.  I was an idiot.  I should have watched him.  You think when you explain what you want you might actually get it, and if there's a problem they have a chance to mention that while you're explaining.  This guy had no intention of doing it how I wanted and DGAF. 
  6. He takes a metal bracket and attaches it to the very top if the RV ladder and puts my satellite on a platform floating above this.  You can not imagine how sick I was to see that he completely did not do what I had asked, not even close.  How am I going to fix this?  It adds a foot of height to my RV and casts a shadow on my solar panel.  I ask him to fix it.  He says, again, this is how it's done.  It's not mounted in any other way.  I show him a picture.  I remind him of what I told him.  He refuses to fix it.  He says the job is done.  He asks for payment. 
What I asked for.

What I got. It's too dark outside to take a photo now. That's the top of the RV ladder. 
Don't use these people for anything.  There's better service to be had in Yuma, and it's worth the drive just to avoid them.  I am disgusted over how I was treated today.  Ugh. 

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