Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Still boondocking at the Blue Water Casino

Be sure to also read my previous post for all the details about boondocking in Parker Arizona at the Blue Water Casino if you were led to this post by the title.  This is my second day here and the other post covers the particulars.

I should be writing my novella but I'm procrastinating because I need a nap and I'm too lazy to climb into my cab over bunk right now.

Blue Water Casino Boondocking Pros and Cons
  • PRO:  It's free.  They're friendly.  They don't mind us here.  There's no time limit (at least that's what they told us this time).  It's well-lit.  Seems safe
  • CON:  Noise.  It was noisy last night.  No rules on when generators can run and traffic in the casino parking lot kept happening into the wee hours.  Some exhaust smell wafted through my windows.  When I woke up this morning speakers were playing music through the parking lot for a while.  I'm not sure why, but it was only for a short amount of time.
  • PRO:  When you sign up for the player's card in the casino you get a 2 for 1 coupon for the buffet making a $24 meal only $12 for two people.  Since we both signed up for cards we got two coupons and just used the second one today.
  • CON:  Sometimes the buffet is lousy.  You're only eligible for the lunch buffet, not dinner.  The first time we used the coupon it was a nice brunch set-up.  Today it was Mexican themed and the tamales were uneatable.  The salad bar is always great, but I had a hard time finding any appetizing hot food.  Try to save your coupon for one of the better themed days.  Mexican food day gets a thumbs down from me.
  • PRO:  There's a little movie theater connected to the casino.  It's April 13, 2016 and they're playing Batman vs. Superman and Action Harvey (or whatever it's called, it's that action movie were you see everything through the eyes of the main character).  I really wanted to see B vs S when it first came out, but the bad reviews have swayed me.  It's too bad...I really love Wonder Woman.
  • CON:  No level spots in the RV area.  This may not always be true.  There's some kind of car race going on so another more level looking dirt lot is closed off.  If this is open to RVs usually then there's better spots to be had.  While we're here we're dealing with a front to back slope that is screwing with our tank sensors.  
  • PRO:  You're right next to a Walmart Super Center and a Safeway Supermarket.  We stocked up our lil fridge.  
  • CON:  Once again, this might be due to the car race, but it's crowded up here.  We're not quite 'rv park crowded' but it's pretty close.  With the window and screen door we can just about smell the farts of those around us.
  • PRO:  There's a casino to gamble at.
  • CON:  There's a casino to gamble at.
 We had a big meal at the casino and spent an hour or two shopping.  We're in for the rest of the day...or at least until my mom decides she can't resist the allure of the slot machines.

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