Saturday, April 2, 2016

Winter is Over

We arrived in Yuma Az in December and stayed until today.  Time to head north towards colder climes.  We're already at 90 degrees here mid-day.  It was a good winter destination and we'll be back in six months (probably).
Today we will be packing up the RV and moving 100 miles north to go from 90 degree weather to 80 degree. Here's the to-do list for today:
  •  Shower (at the token shower)
  •  Dump tanks
  •  Take on water
  •  Get rid of trash
  •  Boondock at a laundromat and do our backlog of laundry (we tried to keep up with it with our tiny washer but it got away from us)
  • Go to Bestbuy and buy walkie talkies (My mom is driving the SUV behind me and we need to be able to communicate easily when traveling)
  • Gas up the RV
  •  Drive as far as we can before it gets dark.  (My mom has macula issues and can't see at night).
There's plenty of BLM spots to pull over at if it gets too late.  We're headed to Quartzsite for the next week or so.  
It will be hard leaving the LTVA.  This place makes boondocking so easy.  Huge bays for the dump station, trash dumpsters, free water, mail/package delivery, and token showers.  I feel like we're going to be flying without a net when we leave here.  We'll have to track down dump stations at gas stations and buy water.  Who knows what we'll do with our trash!!  And it will be hard to shower in our coach shower since it's so small and since it will fill our grey tank so fast.  ;o;  We've been spoiled and it's gonna be rough!

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